Elenco dei prodotti per produttore SystemObjects

Since its incorporation, SystemObjects is entirely focused on one goal: give to the IBM i (AS/400) a graphical interface worthy of its other qualities.

After developing our ClientObjects/400®, which was the first tool to modernize the AS/400, we started to integrate that technology in our main Windows solutions.

In 1997, we signed an agreement with Borland, licensing our AS/400 middleware technology, ClientObjects/400 to create a world-class suite of Object-Oriented Development tools. These innovative development applications, Delphi/400JBuilder for iSeries and C++Builder/400, were designed specifically for the AS/400 developer community.


Since the introduction of Delphi/400 and C++Builder/400, developers and corporations worldwide have been using SystemObjects solutions for application development and deployment.

Our Partner Network provides education, consulting, training and support to thousands of developers and users in all countries.


In February 1999, SystemObjects and Borland entered into a global agreement which:

  • Consolidates the commitment of both Borland and SystemObjects to providing the highest quality development products for the IBM AS/400 community,

  • Recognizes the importance of the IBM AS/400 market by focusing future development, distribution and support of its products dedicated to the IBM AS/400,

  • Entrusts AS/400 experts, such as SystemObjects, with maintaining Borland's high quality standards,

  • Increases Borland's investment in the AS/400 market.


Since 2001, we started to release JACi400 , a complete suite to modernize the iSeries:

  • An automatic converter of existing 5250 applications in HTML,

  • A development tool (generation of source code) for new web applications directly in RPG (or COBOL), without DDS nor 5250,

  • The use of an application server like WebSphere Application Server or Tomcat, without interactive CPW for any i5/OS version!!,

  • The integration in WebSphere Portal and Workplace,

  • The support of the Ajax technology (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML),

  • And always without any deployment cost!!


Since 2010, we have concentrated all our Research and Development efforts to integrate mobile devices into our products.

We started with Business4Mobile, a solution to query and update any database from everywhere, including mobile devices.

In 2013 we have announced the last version of our SmartPad4i product, a development solution to create hybrid applications for the IBM i (AS/400).

SmartPad4i ia a solution to develop only once the same program for all the existing browser and all devices running Android or iOS.


In 2014 we have announced SP4i-Push, 24/7 Notifications from Your IBM i, instantly see the status of key IBM i operations – as they happen – via your iOS or Android mobile device or your email.

For service, we have opened our World-Wide Maintenance Service which provides you with the following:

  • A preventive maintenance service: you receive directly via email notifications of new versions, releases and corrections, the objective is to inform you about problems before they manifest on your system,

  • A corrective maintenance service: you can download these new versions, releases and corrections directly via the Internet, 24h/day, 7days/week,

  • A web-based contact site direct to Technical Support: you can submit your problem using the "WebSupport" form found on our product web pages. This form produces a message which is sent directly to our central Support service.


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